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About Us

Corporate Bio

Innovation, hard work and integrity these are the keys to Xenon's success. Making, Xenon Computing & Technical Services, Inc. one of the world’s premier developers of engineering software and provider of technical services.

XenoXenonCTS has provided construction management and quality assurance software to the onshore and offshore construction industry since 2000. We create custom programs utilizing Microsoft SQL Server database management systems, and Microsoft Visual Studio, as well as other industry leading programming development tools to provide our customers with state-of-the-art applications to meet their needs.

Our programs were initially designed to provide material traceability and material control for the construction of offshore structures. Since that time our programs have evolved to include the fabrication of piping systems, commissioning / turnover to operators, 2" runat="server" ImageAlign="Middle" src="images/news-2.jpg" alt="corporate headquaters" class="photo-float-left photo-border" /> management of vendor surveillance, verification of certified material test reports, and control of welders. Our products are used during the active phases of an engineering project to provide tools for project management, quality assurance, material evaluation and traceability, and documentation management. Providing users with real time information for making critical and timely decisions. Our programs are not limited to offshore construction; they can be used for any type of engineered structure and / or processing facility. We are committed to continue developing innovative software tools for all participants in engineered projects.