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Construction Manager

Construction Manager (CM)


CM is designed to support the construction of complex offshore structures. Utilizing engineering specifications defined for a project as the basis for processing information generated during the project - its evaluation, organization and management. However, CM is a versatile program that can be used for any engineered construction project. Loaded with Welder and Inspector qualifications, Drawing Lists, Project Specifications, and Material Specifications. Gives CM the ability to cross reference fabrication information and NDE reports with known values to evaluate the data’s validity. Pre-loading of data dramatically decreases the amount of data entry and reduce the amount of data entry errors.

Program Concept:

CM processes material, welding and NDE information submitted by contractors to document work performed. As contractor information is entered in the Program, it is automatically reviewed and verified to be in conformance to requirements. Discrepancies are immediately logged in a register for clearance. Materials and welds are automatically cleared by the Program when total conformance to requirements is completed. The program provides real time information to project team members: project managers, construction superintendents, quality assurance and audit personnel. Upon completion of the project, all documentation can be provided on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

Program Libraries:

CM contains Program Libraries where technical specifications, welding procedures and company practices are stored for use by the Program on individual projects. For example, the Material Specification tables are used for calculations within the Program. The library of welding procedures can be referenced when setting up a project and selecting those applicable to the project. Preferred terminology used by a company can be stated in the library and will be used in drop-down box selections within the Program. The Program Libraries provide a company with the means to ‘customize’ the Program for their preferences and practices.

Material Control:

As materials are received, their specific chemical properties, mechanical testing information and any additional requirements are checked against the existing requirements in CM. Discrepancies in the material can be tracked and NCR’s created for discrepant materials. Material specifications for a project can be customized during project creation.

Drawing Control:

CM records all drawings issued for a project. (drawing data can be downloaded from 3rd party programs). Drawings are organized by job number for the project. Revision numbers and issue dates are documented. Dates when drawings are released for construction are also identified. Subsequent documentation entered and processed by the program during construction must reference a properly released drawing or alerts will be generated upon data entry.

Nesting plan information can also be entered into the system. The system will verify the selected material against the nesting plan requirements. Only approved material can be associated to nesting plans. From there the individual parts can be assigned to the appropriate construction drawings. The material information is passed on to the drawing allowing for users to track back to the exact piece of material used during construction.

Weld maps are generated from manufacturing drawings. Material and NDE requirements (including required percentages) are defined to provide a basis for generating accurate and detailed project status and progress reports.


Numerous built in reports designed to filter before or after the report is viewed helps to fill out the complete CM program. A single large report can be “Queried” with the click of the mouse to rebuild a smaller version of the same report with only the information chosen. From inception to closeout CM is designed to maintain your inspection records and report on their results.

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