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Current Software

Our programs are used during the fabrication and construction phases of engineered projects.


Construction Manager (CM):

A Materials Control, Welding and NDE Management Program for Structures.

CM is a sophisticated data management software program for use by companies involved in major construction projects. It is a project management and audit tool that is used during the construction of complex offshore structures such as:

  • Hull construction (and associated piping systems)
  • Module construction
  • Process piping system fabrication and installation
  • Piping system test pack qualification
  • Compliant towers
  • Production decks
  • Jackets
  • Tension leg platforms
  • FPSOs
  • Production facilities
  • Pipe Line construction and tracing

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Inspection Management System (IMS):

A Welding – NDE Management Program for Fabricated Piping Systems

IMS can be used for the construction of any type of engineered processing facility, including:

  • Offshore Production facilities
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • LNG plants
  • Module piping systems
  • Vessel piping systems (e.g. FPSO’s)

IMS can easily be customized for any specific project requirements.

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Surveillance Management System (SMS):

A Quality Management System for Vendor Surveillance

SMS is software designed for use by quality managers, quality coordinators and inspectors involved with vendor surveillance. It optimizes administration efficiency, automates many functions such as preparation of inspection assignments, reports and project status reports, including:

  • Customize Project preferences
  • Multiple projects in single application
  • Purchase Order control
  • Detailed Inspection Assignment tracking
  • Automated Project Status Reports
  • Detailed Personal Matrix with Inspectors Qualifications

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Caratinga FPSO, P-48  

Shenzi TLP  

Barracuda FPSO, P-43